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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Aquatic Cryptozoology: Natural History and Conservation

April 2009: Weird parakeet (budgie) mutation
May 2009: Identify this baby bird
May 2009: Hartland Wildlife rescue
May 2009: Breeding behaviour of brook lampreys
May 2009: Why does society view badgers as 'good' and foxes as 'bad'?
May 2009: Mutant parakeet identified
May 2009: Baby merganser
May 2009: Identify this baby bird
May 2009: Night heron
May 2009: Sloth sanctuary
May 2009: Partial albino blackbird
May 2009: Odd tales from Herodotus - The Phoenix
May 2009: Odd tales from Herodotus - Flying Snakes
May 2009: Prince Charles
May 2009: Cockroaches
May 2009: Teratology gallery
May 2009: Identify this bird
May 2009: Butterfly auction cancelled
May 2009: Identify this bird
May 2009: Nobby the giant gourami
May 2009: Strange corvid behaviour
May 2009: Mystery primate skull
May 2009: Jan Edwards
May 2009: Stranded dolphins in Australia
May 2009: Lake Guinas tilapia
May 2009: Prehistoric land-dwelling crocodiles
May 2009: Mow your lawen with a wallaby
May 2009: Stranded jellyfish in North Devon
May 2009: When wild turkeys attack
May 2009: Mockingbird
May 2009: Spiny mice
May 2009: Ryedale Aquatic Society
May 2009: Identify this insect
May 2009: Identify this insect
May 2009: Vulture stories
May 2009: Riddle of Sumatran humming bird
May 2009: Bees
May 2009: Wild turkey mating dance
May 2009: Albino garter snake
May 2009: White seal
May 2009: Urban fox begging for food
May 2009: World's rarest der
May 2009: Super salmon
May 2009: World's rarest butterfly?
May 2009: The story of LLwynog
May 2009: Halved gynandromorphs
May 2009: Baby hedgehog
May 2009: Gynandromorphs
May 2009: Halved gynandromorph
May 2009: Intern at Exeter Museum
May 2009: Barn owls
May 2009: Painted Lady invasion
May 2009: Walland Farm
May 2009: Hedgehogs
May 2009: Letter from Alan Friswell
May 2009: New newt
May 2009: Eleanor Glanville
Butterfly swarm in Hungary
May 2009: Albino dolphin
May 2009: New butterfly species
May 2009: Painted lady migration
May 2009: Painted lady migration

1 August 1993 Lake Monsters/Sea Serpents/General Crypto (BBC Focus)
7 October 1993 Rolling Shimps Panama (Daily Telegraph)
1 January 1994 Plesiosaur Seal Long Necked Sea-Monster Cave Painting (The Info Journal)
26th April 1995: Whales making a comeback (Evening Standard, London)
18 July 1995 Beavers and Concrakes Reintroduced to Scotland (Express Newspaper)
21 July 1995: Albino Whale off the Australian Coast (Express Newspaper)
3 December 1995 Mink Affect Water Rats (Sunday Telegraph)
15 March 1996 Dead Manatees (USA Today)
03 July 1996 Dead Manatees (Boston Globe)
18 September 1996 Whale hits the QE2 (Aberdeen Evening Express)
31 December 1996 Hong Kong Pink Dolphin endangered (Daily Mail)
25 February 1997: Helpless Baby Sealions on the South American Coast (Press and Journal)
10 September 1997Unusual aquatic life in Majorican Cave (Daily Mail)

22 April 2001 Giant Halibut (20129kg/20284lb), Western Isles (News of the World)
5 May 2001 Natterjack Toads (Daily Telegraph)
6 June 2002 Sperm Whale Oil Sacks (Daily Mail)
2 July 2002 Crucian Carp Endangered (Angling Times)
27 July 2002 Giant Squid (Express Newspapers)

3 January ???? Oild Drills Whales (Press and Journal)
16 April ????
Deep Sea Octopus (Opisthoteuthis agazzi) Found by Gordon Williamson (Press and Journal)
6 May ???? Large Sperm Whale Skeleton, Royal Museum of Scotland (Press and Journal)
Unknown Date: Romanian Subterranean Lagoon Unknown Source
Unknown Date: Whale Song Unknown Source