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Sunday, 27 December 2009


Stuff is, as always at the CFZ, mightily confusing, but progress on the indexing project continues slowly. Volunteers are - as always - gratefully received.. Thanks by the way to Lee Canty who has sent in two more months bloggo indexes sorted as to category. They will be processed in the next few days (yes, I know I said that six weeks ago)

27th December: As part of the general buggering about of the website, the November and December indeces are now up, and I have rejigged the month index so the latest entries are at the top of the sidebar to the left. Because of the new format of the main website, the index for the current month will be updated every few days from now on.
3rd November: The October index is now up at
19th October: The September index is now up at
5th September: The August index is now up at
28th August: The July index is now up
11th July: Glen Vaudrey is taking over as head of the CFZ Indexing Project
11th July: The meta-archive listing for the bloggo (June) is up
3rd June: The meta-archive listing for the bloggo (May) is up
27th May: Lake and river monsters have now been updated by Emma (working on stuff from Heather
26th May: The Aquatic cryptozoology: Palaentology index is up to date courtesy of Heather (who did the first bit) and Matty Osborne (who did the second)
26th May: The Aquatic cryptozoology: Natural history and Conservation index is now complete do date, thanks to Heather (who did the initial sorting), and Matty and Emma who are now arguing with each other as to which of them did more, each claiming it was the other. I can't make up my mind whether young love is sweet or mildly bilious.
26th May: The February BHM entries are (thanks to Lee) up to date
26th May: The February entries for Aquatic Cryptozoology (largely thanks to Lee) have now been completed:
20th April: The Big Cats index (largely thanks to Lee) is now up to date:
8th April: March and April are now up:

As far as the Archives are concerned, the first semi-completed page is now up. It covers anomalous behaviour from aquatic animals, such as strandings, attacks and unusual swarms and gatherings.

The periodical data needs to be added, but you can find it here:

This is an urgent plea to anyone who feels like joining in. There are enormous amounts of this stuff to be done. I estimate that the CFZ Archives actually contain over 25,000 items and they are growing daily. So PLEASE if you have an hour or so on your hands, and especially if you are au fait with the most rudimentary html coding, please get in touch with me at